Offshore Aquaculture Solutions - Strength in Flexibility

Aquaculture containment solutions for high energy environments.


Clean. Secure. Sustainable. 

We thought about the fish, the producer and the consumer.  Where can fish be sustainably produced in a natural environment? Where can farms get permits to increase production? How can fish be grown closer to markets? What port infrastructure and vessels are available form marine operations and maintenance?  What capital equipment can the business model sustain? 

We listened.

We developed the solution to say “Yes” - you can produce fish offshore.

 Reduced maintenance. Safer stocks. Cleaner water.



We have seen it all before: Established offshore companies attempt to solve new offshore challenges using old solutions. But new markets need new approaches. We have worked with elastomeric materials in the marine environment to solve shallow water mooring problems: to control the dynamics of structures in big waves, without it costing the earth. When we discovered what aquaculture producers wanted to do, we got stuck right in.

Salmon - a fork in the road


Land-based containment or open ocean solutions?

Global salmon production is a $15.4 bn market, focused on sheltered water bodies in Norway, Chile and Scotland. There are efforts to double the sector’s production by 2030. Growth in conventional open net pens is becoming constrained due to increasing incidences of sea lice and disease as well as regulatory steps to restrict the number of licences in sensitive marine environments. The industry has reached a fork in the road: Does it move to costly “closed” aquaculture in controlled tanks or does it move into “open” solutions, submerged in resilient offshore environments. We know the latter will play a major role in future aquaculture production. A more energetic oceanic environment dilutes and dissipates bi-products as part of the natural process. Impact9’s technology heralds a new era of growth for the aquaculture sector: an environmentally sustainable and responsible protein source for the growing world population.

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